Mrs. Debra Roberts retires after 41 amazing years.

Brynn A Ebe

May 15, 2019

Mrs. Debra Roberts, one of our amazing 4th grade teachers, has decided to retire after 41 incredible years of teaching. Memorial Elementary has had the honor and privilege to have been her “home away from home” during all these years.  

She has taught 1st, 2nd and 4th grade, with 4th grade being her longest run for 22 years! I had the opportunity to interview and write this tribute in celebration of her outstanding career.

Her inspiration for becoming a teacher started back when she was in 1st grade.  Her teacher, Mrs. Klein and her principal, Mr. Rudy Silva gave her the encouragement she needed.  And we are very grateful that they did! Starting in high school and following up in college, with lots of hard work and dedication, she was able to start her remarkable career in 1978.

Mrs. Roberts has 3 key philosophies for teaching.  They are as follows:

  1. Creating a classroom that is a “home away from home”

  1. Treating students the way you would want someone to treat your own children

  1. Instilling the love of learning for all of her students.

As you can imagine, over 41 years, she has made many memories, some funny and some embarrassing, but all very unforgettable.

Over 4 decades, she heard all kinds of excuses for no homework; washed in the laundry, it was stolen, I didn’t know we had to turn it in, and of course, the dog ate it! Oh man, I feel sorry for all those poor dogs that were blamed, but never proven guilty!

Her most embarrassing moment as a teacher was while she was teaching 1st grade.  She got locked in the bathroom and her students had to go get help!

For her retirement, Mrs. Roberts plans to continue her favorite hobbies.  These include; gardening, spending time with her animals, and traveling with her family.

Her final words of wisdom to her students are; “Always be humble, reach for the stars in school and life, and always treat others the way you would want to be treated.”

We wish Mrs. Roberts a wonderful retirement and we hope that when she thinks of her career, she has only the fondest of memories.

We are thankful for all the guidance and wisdom she has provided to her students throughout her phenomenal career.

We love you Mrs. Roberts and will miss you dearly!  

Graduating Already! Memorial Kinder Graduation

May 6, 2019

Michael Fuentes

May 6,2019

Congratulations to all of the Kinder students that graduated! Every single one of them worked extremely hard this year.  Even the teachers worked their hearts out so that their students could be promoted to first grade.

The kinder teachers are very proud of their students and wish them the best of luck.  During an interview with Mrs. De los Santos, one of the kinder teachers, she stated that this is her tenth year of teaching and she thought the graduation was awesome!

She said that she liked the way that the parents were amazed with all the work their children had accomplished.

We wish them all the best in their coming years at Memorial.

Nurse's Week May 6-10

Brynn Ebe
May 8, 2019

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing one of our school nurses, Mrs. Soraida Yebra.

Nurse Yebra has been at Memorial Elementary for only one year; however, she has been a nurse for 10 years.

She loves helping and caring for the students here at our school and her time here has been amazing.

According to Nurse Yebra, her most memorable event is at the beginning of each new school year when she gets to see all the returning students and gets to meet the new ones.

In her spare time, she loves to cuddle up with a good book.

We want to thank and appreciate our nurses not just during Nurse’s Appreciation Week, but every week and every day.

So from me and the rest of the student body, we want to thank Nurse Yebra and Nurse Ozuna for everything they do for us.

Memorial Elementary's Journalism Club.


by Sergio Villarreal

Memorial Elementary will be having a new Journalism Club next school year. The journalists are composed of 15 current fourth graders that will be 5th graders next year.

The students will begin training this whole month of May, and they will be writing articles for the Memorial web site. They will also be doing other projects to showcase their talent.

We look forward to seeing their work.



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